Our mission is to provide health information that is data-driven, visual, and engaging

We want to improve online medical information.

Current medical information is manually curated from many different sources.

But we believe it's time for consumer health information to benefit from real-world, data-driven insights.

With that goal in mind, we aggregated millions of anonymized medical records...

...and rigorously analyzed that data in order to better understand human health.

Now we want to help people easily discover: Who does a condition affect?

What are the most commonly prescribed treatments?

What are the risk factors?

And how do people with that condition move through the healthcare system?

We make these insights commercially available

And are incredibly proud that our work helps millions of people every day learn more about their health.

Welcome to VoxHealth

A new kind of medical information.

Special Thanks

We greatly appreciate the efforts of the CDC, FDA, NLM and others to release data and information for public use. We use Google APIs that Google has graciously provided to the computing public. We are also very thankful for the creative people at Unsplash.

Photo Credits: Maggie Bartlett (National Human Genome Research Institute), Anna Dziubinska, Alejandro Escamilla, Patrik Goethe, Jason Long, Tanvi Malik, David Marcu, Danka Peter, Sauligno, Vadim Sherbakov, Andre Spieker, Jonathan Velasquez, and Rayi Christian Wicaksono.