A new kind of medical information

Examples: Lung cancer, Multiple sclerosis, Lupus

Welcome to VoxHealth

At VoxHealth™, we want to improve online medical information and help people learn more about human disease. We analyze millions of anonymized medical records and provide you with the results. Straightforward search. Clear visuals. New insights.

How to get started

The VoxHealth Condition Search allows you to find information about a specific disease/condition. To begin:

  • 1 Type the first few letters of a condition name in the search box.
  • 2 Choose a condition from the dropdown autocomplete menu.
  • 3 Click the "Search This Condition" button.

Some of the information you’ll find on VoxHealth:

How we're different from other medical information sites:

We believe health information should be...


“Lung cancer is more common among older individuals.” How old? “Lyme disease is often treated with antibiotics.” Which antibiotics? We analyze millions of anonymized medical records to provide you with detailed medical condition information that is driven by real-world data.


A picture is worth a thousand words. And a graph is worth about fifteen hundred.


In order to know a medical condition, you have to know the stories of the people living with it. That’s why we ask people living with chronic conditions to tell us about their lives. Their experiences are featured on our condition pages.